The Task scheduler comprmissos and organize your files on your computer seamlessly. Automize 11 is a common tasks, such as batch files, advanced FTP tasks, monitoring services, downloading using proxy servers, e-mail, telnet, file compression and directory trees.

Automize 11 Description

Automize 11 is a tool to easily schedule different tasks to run at a certain time.

We can set dynamic variables in scheduling our tasks, so that if X event happens, X application instantly activates.

We can also link an e -mail program to notify us or any action by mail, or allow us to see quickly.

Another Automize multiple possibilities is to record any incident occurring on your computer and print it if necessary.

The only significant downside of the program is that its interface is rather archaic and not particularly easy to use. Of course it's nothing that a good tutorial not resolved, but there will not be a problem for many users.

Automize is a very useful tool for neat freaks on your computer, allowing us to have all perfectly orchestrated processes.

Automize 11 Key Features

Notification by email of all tasks registered;

Functions of command and control of Windows can run your batch files, scripts or programs;

Integrates task includes commands, SQL database, checks emails, downloads do, etc.;

Run multiple programs in sequence depending on Exit codes;

Monitor websites and request when you download the files you want and send them to the desired location on your computer;

Configure sending mass e-mails, allows attachments.

Automize 11 Review

With Automize you can schedule and automate virtually any task on your system, without complicated programming or scripting.

Most tasks supports dynamic variables, and can also generate variables that is then used for other tasks. This allows you to create complex automated solutions combining tasks and variables together.

You can create tasks as monitoring FTP servers, sending emails, web downloads, implementation of certain programs or files, custom alarms and messages, and more.

Moreover, being based on Java, Automize can run on any platform and operating system.